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Maritime Intelligence Solutions

Maritime Intelligence Solutions

Piracy Modeling Algorithm

Long-term solutions to piracy are ground based and require tackling piracy networks at their root, including identifying and dismantling support infrastructure. ASC is able to provide effective maritime security solutions for clients around the world. To this end, ASC has developed an approach that tackles piracy at its core. Through our proprietary Piracy Modeling Algorithm we have identified patterns in maritime and land-based activities that can be used to identify and disrupt pirate activities.

Maritime Security Escorts & Team Leads

ASC provides maritime security consulting services, including elite armed and unarmed escorts and maritime security assessments for our client’s personnel, ships and port facilities.

The ability to become one team and work with the crew and other security personnel is key to maintaining a seamless security presence that operates within established Rules of Engagement (ROE). ASC provides highly trained retired U.S. and European Special Operations personnel. Our personnel have the proven ability to establish and maintain an effective command structure and identify and avert potential threats.

Maritime Security Assessments

ASC consults with clients to evaluate existing and proposed security procedures and physical security measures for vessels and port locations. Based upon our assessment, recommendations for mitigating client risk are made in line with client operational parameters. ASC maintains relationships with companies on the cutting edge of technology and can also provide technological solutions to meet client’s needs.