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Legal & Business Intelligence

Legal & Business Intelligence ASC provides business intelligence solutions including legal assessment, rule of law initiatives, due diligence, business valuation, risk mitigation, and predictive analytics through our novel metric sourcing and data interpretation. ASC’s proprietary Business Intelligence analysis incorporates the identification of a set of comprehensive and pertinent factors affecting the operations of and around business entities, individuals, and groups that act through and on business.

Our unique metrics and proprietary analytical processes are designed to derive critical insight for forward-thinking clients. ASC offers strategic tools, streamlining and planning assessments, legal assessments, financial modeling and projections, pro forma analysis, company and project valuations, tailored protocols/SOPs, business and sales/operational plan creation, due diligence, growth structuring, and collateral material development.

Human Terrain & Infrastructure Assessment

ASC’s Human Terrain & Infrastructure Assessment is designed for our government and private sector clients in support of their international OPE, reconstruction, development, and business, projects, with an emphasis on providing support in austere environments. This is an objective-focused procedure with built in quantifiable metrics designed to mitigate client risk and maximize resource use through detailed analysis and strategy development.

ASC’s personnel have provided in depth analysis and due diligence on U.S. and international business concerns, conducted international market entry studies and risk assessments for regions throughout the world.

Legal Analysis and Rule of Law Planning Matrix

A focused legal assessment is critical to ensuring the success of commercial projects, addressing critical security issues at home and abroad, as well as furthering the goals of democracy and promoting stability on an international level.

ASC’s personnel provide detailed legal analysis and assessments designed to meet our client’s needs. In coordination with our clients we develop an assessment outline based upon identified objectives, capabilities and restrictions.

ASC’s proprietary Rule of Law Planning and Implementation Matrix is designed to assist government and private clients in developing, reviewing, revising, and implementing rule of law initiatives, legislation and regulations.

ASC personnel have provided legal research and analysis for clients on a variety of topics, including gun control legislation, environmental legislation, business and banking laws in the Middle East and North Africa.