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ASC provides business & legal intelligence solutions, consulting services, operational and training solutions, maritime security & intelligence solutions, and cyber-solutions for government and the private sector. ASC provides its clients with innovative solutions and strategies designed to address a broad range of planning, training, security and information needs. Our clients entrust mission-critical work to us because we understand their goals, the challenges that face their organizations, and we produce results.

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ASC Services

Legal & Business Intelligence, Training and Operational Solutions, Consulting Services, secure high performance Cyber-Solutions, and Maritime Intelligence Solutions. ASC provides Human Terrain and Infrastructure Assessments, carbine and pistol training, CQB training, operational planning, legal analysis, due diligence, business analytics, research and proprietary analytics, business development, issue analysis and policy development, and Maritime Intelligence Solutions for government and private sector clients.

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Legal & Business Intelligence Solutions and Consulting Services

Our proprietary approach and extensive experience provides the underpinning for ASC’s ability to analyze, assess, deconstruct our client’s problem sets and provide valuable actionable advice in matters of policy analysis and development, business, diplomacy, and intelligence.

Operational & Training Solutions and Maritime Intelligence Solutions

ASC’s personnel are retired military and intelligence professionals with extensive national and international operational and planning experience.


ASC provides a complete range of cyber-solutions, including IT project planning and management, and remote-use hardware and software. ASC merges industry leading IT experience with military and government knowledge to produce a unique understanding of our clients' specialized needs, giving them what they require, in the most efficient way, to ensure successful project completion.

Why Choose ASC

ASC’s proprietary analytics and metrics, based upon a fusion of business, legal, intelligence, science and military disciplines, and ASC’s interdisciplinary team, comprised of legal, military, scientific, intelligence, and business professionals, offer our clients a distinct advantage in the marketplace.

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At ASC, we have built our business and our reputation on providing innovative solutions for our clients. We understand our client’s missions and the challenges that face their organizations. This understanding enables us to apply the appropriate processes and technologies to successfully achieve the organization’s objectives within their funding and schedule constraints.

Latest ASC News

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  • ASC has partnered with IRG.
  • ASC develops proprietary Piracy Modeling Algorithm.
  • ASC develops proprietary Rule of Law Planning and Implementation Matrix.
  • ASC interviewed on implications of Drone memo. Watch here