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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Business Development

Through our international network of business partners and contacts, ASC reaches out on behalf of our clients to develop relationships in key sectors, building relationships and developing new business opportunities, augmenting existing opportunities, and helping our clients maximize their presence in industry.

ASC has provided business development services for an array of companies including several technology companies and government-contracting firms.

Research & Analysis

ASC’s proprietary analytics and quantifiable metrics make the difference. ASC helps identify client objectives and supporting tasks. Breaking down complex issues and developing practical guidance and solutions. ASC provides true situational granularity to its government and commercial clients, allowing them to make educated decisions on tough issues. ASC’s analysis and advice is effects based, with built-in quantifiable metrics to track progress and provide a consistent feedback loop for our researchers.

Issue Analysis & Policy Development

ASC provides impartial analysis of key policy issues at a local, national, and international level for private and government clients. Reaching out to those in our extensive international network allows ASC to provide a current, clear, concise and unbiased review of unfolding situations.

ASC breaks down the issues and gives our clients the ground truth. ASC’s approach is modular, which allows ASC to assist the client in identifying issues, articulating strategy and framing the argument to advance identified objectives. ASC can assist in identifying “under the radar” issues- new issues and novel perspectives that allow our clients to effectively frame the issue.

ASC’s white paper topics include such diverse topics as Tribal Dynamics, VEO in Africa, Banking Laws, Gun Trafficking, Piracy in West Africa and the Gulf of Aden, Situational Assessment MENA, Situational Assessment Mali, and Russian Economic Policy.